2021, Event Horizon

Single-channel video, video installation

23 min. 22 sec.

Breathing in — breathing out. I focus my attention on breathing, I don’t try to slow it down or speed it up. I breathe calmly, evenly and naturally as I always do.

I observe myself inhaling, feeling the air moving within me. It passes through my respiratory tract and then into the lungs. I feel my body as I inhale, my rib cage widens, my lungs are filling up with air. I sense my back, shoulders, arms, neck, legs, knees and feet.

As I exhale, I feel that my lungs are contracting, the air leaves them and moves through my airways and out through my nose. I have become the breath itself, the air, the clouds, the snow, the rain.

I hardly move at all, only my gaze moves to the horizon line and back, to the horizon line and beyond. Day after day I stare out my window, the sky moves in and out, like a shoreline at high tide. Sometimes it’s very clear and sometimes you can’t see anything,

However, I just watch the scene changing and breathe.