2021, Aurora Borealis

Single-channel video

06 min. 08 sec.

The notion of home appeared at the dawn of civilization as a protective shield from the external world. It happened due to the necessity of safety, which is one of the primary needs of human beings. As a basic concept in culture, home, over time has acquired new meanings, but it is the function of security that still remains primary today. This need has a direct connection with the feeling of fear, the intensity of which can be reduced with the help of a protective boundary, a frontier between the internal and external environment.

However, what happens at the refraction zone of the media and how penetrable this boundary is? The boundary is a special zone where a new reality can emerge. It is a space of tension between two worlds, giving birth to a third time and space, within which a special sensation of life emerges. If we consider the phenomenon of the borderland from a subject’s point of view, it is the self-perception of someone who does not cross the border, does not discuss it from the position of an observer, but lives inside the rift and becomes a border, a thin membrane that absorbs the signals of the two worlds.

The work simulates the moment of fireworks launch, the light from which is projected onto the wall inside an average urban home and acquires new features in the viewer’s eyes.